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Superintendent Nikolas' Blog

Shared Leadership is a Key to Success


I have referred to and quoted information from Daniel Pink's book titled "Drive" in the past, and again I would like to draw readers' attention to this fine book. It is a great read and well-worth the time.

Teachers with Drive

One way to motivate teachers to stay in the classroom is to offer them opportunities for leadership.

For students in U.S. classrooms today, the odds of being assigned to an inexperienced teacher are higher than they have ever been. In fact, right now there are more first-year teachers in U.S. classrooms than teachers at any other experience level (Ingersoll & Merrill, 2012). This is a dramatic change from a generation ago: In 1987, a U.S. student was most likely to be assigned to a 15-year veteran (Ingersoll & Merrill, 2012). But many of today's new teachers don't stay in the profession long enough to become veterans.

Studies have found that half of all urban teachers in the United States leave the profession within their first three to five years (National Center for Education Statistics, 2008). Even more startling, a recent study from the New Teacher Project (TNTP) indicates that half of all teachers in the top 20 percent of effectiveness leave within five years (TNTP, 2012). Failure to retain effective teachers not only is costing our school systems billions of dollars, but also is negatively affecting student achievement (Teoh & Coggins, 2013).

The troubling reality is that although we expect educators to be experts in motivating students, the education sector has spent precious little time thinking about what motivates teachers. The results show for themselves.

Daniel Pink's book Drive (2009) articulates how modern research is redefining what motivates us and how companies and managers are altering their practices to increase employee satisfaction and performance. Pink argues that previous conceptions of motivation (what he calls Motivation 2.0) relied largely on carrots and sticks and has "become far less compatible with, and at times downright antagonistic to: how we organize what we do; how we think about what we do; and how we do what we do" (p. 18).

He suggests that there is a need for a new conception of motivation (what he calls Motivation 3.0) that relies on the theory that "human beings have an innate inner drive to be autonomous, self-determined, and connected to one another" (p. 71). Citing numerous experiments, research, and examples, Pink builds a new theory of motivation around the themes of mastery, purpose, and autonomy. These themes provide a useful framework for motivating teachers to maintain their sense of drive for the long term.

Celine Coggins and PK Diffenbaugh October 2013 | Volume 71 | Number 2 Leveraging Teacher Leadership Pages 42-45

Dr. Julie M. Nikolas




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March Elementary Students of the Month

March Elementary Students of the Month

Back Row:  Emily Hatlewick, Calvin Petrich, Carson Gohl

Front Row:  Faith Bailey, Darby Yost, Karlie Gohl

March Elementary Star Student Calvin Petrich

March Elementary Star Student Calvin Petrich

March Secondary Students of the Month

March Secondary Students of the Month

Back Row:  Ethan Erickson, Gabriella Nikolas, Shane Davis, Jeremiah Goebel, Frederick Lapka

Front Row:  Jared Weisser, Evan Maurer, Chase Hatlewick, Denae Melland

March Secondary Star Student Shane Davis

March Secondary Star Student Shane Davis
Today: 4/20/14

Breakfast and Lunch Menu


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bulletin #136


*Today’s Menu:  chicken alfredo, green beans, fruit

*Tomorrow’s Breakfast: mini pizza bagels

*Tomorrow’s Lunch:  potato soup, meat sandwich, green beans, fruit


April 14th – April 20th

Dylan Bowar










DRIVER’S ED: Classroom will be May 27, 28, 29, & 30th. (Pending we get out of school on the 22nd as scheduled). Times will be from 8am till 5:00pm on those days with a ½ hour for lunch break. Students will have to bring their own lunch if they want to eat at the school. Students will then sign up for driving. They will drive/observe for about 3 days with 6 hour shifts (I plan to go from 8am-2pm, and 2pm-8pm). I plan to start the driving on June 2nd. I do not plan to drive on weekends, but will if a lot of students sign up.  Students will not be able to miss any classroom or car time. If you are unable to attend all of the classroom and 3 days for driving, please see Mr. Buck before signing up. The cost will be $165. Payment will be due May 1st. Dates and times could change depending on the number of students that sign up and any other unforeseen circumstances. I will post in the announcements as soon as I know of any changes.  Students must be 13 years old by May 27th in order to take Driver’s Ed this year.  Sign-up on the sheet in Trish’s office ASAP, again you do not need to pay until May 1st if you are taking Driver’s Ed. If you have any questions or concerns; please contact Mr. Buck at the school, or e-mail me: [email protected].



Golfers:  Qualify for Bowdle on the 23 and 24 of April.    Bowdle meet on Sat. 26th.  Coach



Show Choir Rehearsals for Spring Concert:

Thursday, April 24 - 8:00 am (day of concert)


The gym will be unavailable ALL DAY Thursday, April 24 and Thursday, May 1 due to Spring Concerts.  Please plan PE and sports accordingly.







Any FBLA member interested in attending the National Conference in Nashville, please see Miss Butler TODAY for an information packet.


Congratulations on a great state convention to all FBLA members!  You represented not only our chapter, but yourselves and Leola wonderfully!  Congratulations to the following members who placed in events:

Banking & Financial Systems (Taylor G, Brianna, and Brittany)- 5th Place

Business Math (Taylor F)- 2nd Place

Business Plan (Denae)- 1st Place

Community Service Project (Francine, Logan, and Rachel)- 3rd Place

Community Service Project (Brittany, Brianna, and Rachel)- 4th Place

Future Business Leader (April)- 5th Place

Global Business (Logan, Francine, and Rachel)- 5th Place

Help Desk (Taylor F)- 2nd Place

Impromptu Speaking (Lukas)- 4th Place

Job Interview (Adam)- 2nd Place

Local Chapter Scrapbook (Lexi)- 3rd Place

Management Information Systems (Taylor G and Fred)- 3rd Place

Network Design (Logan, Fred, and George)- 2nd Place

Parliamentary Procedure Team (Taylor F, Taylor K, Lexi, Denae, and Rachel)- 2nd Place

Public Speaking II (Matt)- 1st Place

Largest Local Chapter-School Population (43%)- 2nd Place


Any senior going into a Machine Tool Technology related program:  Visit to apply for a $4000 scholarship.  Deadline is May 31, 2014.  Questions- see Miss Butler.


Seniors:  If you or your parents are a customer of Plains Commerce Bank, see Miss Butler for a scholarship application.  Deadline is May 1, 2014.


Seniors:  The SDACTE Scholarship is available.  Deadline is April 18, 2014.  See Miss Butler for an application.


Seniors:  Register to win one of three $5,000 scholarships or a laptop for Dave Ramsey's $15,000 Financial Literacy Challenge!  Apply online at from April 10-24, 2014.





June 14, 2014

May 9, 2014